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We leave in 22 days

guys we're almost there!! We leave on July 1st

It's so incredible that I almost don't realize it.

I'm almost there for real, my big dream is about to come true.

I've thought about it over and over for so many years, I'm speechless.

I booked all the flights and spent €3,881 for 18 flights, guys it's not that much if you think that I'll go around the world... because yes, I'll go around the world!

We leave from South Africa for 7 weeks, we fly to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and then about 6000 km by car from Johannesburg to the east coast and then down to Lesotho, a wonderful country. Then we go to the west coast and Cape Town and fly to Johannesburg from where we leave for Indonesia.

Countries visited: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tahiti, San Francisco, New York, London, Naples, Berlin.

I will keep you informed on this channel with all the anecdotes :)

The planning and necessary documents to organize were very demanding, furthermore I rented my apartment and therefore also emptied part of my private things... but I am so happy that it was worth it!!

Ready backpacks: approximately 8 kg large backpack and 5 kg small backpack.

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