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Naples, Pisa, Florence, Chur, Berlin.

These are the stages of a journey that is not yet concluded.


To live in these cities, so different from one another, gave me the opportunity to know diverse cultures and make them my own.


Each city hosted me for about ten years.

I can say my roots are not deep but very much spread out.


I studied architecture in Florence. I then turned my route to the North, always looking for something new and stimulating to learn and searching for new point of view.


Photography has always been with me but it is in Florence that it became a forever passion.


I started with black and white analog photography in the early 90s of the last century joining a photography course. Develop photos fascinated me.


I struggled converting to digital but I must admit in the end it won me over.


My camera follows me everywhere. On my trips and in the cities I have lived in, I built a journey of images that talk of my 'view'.

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